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What is needed to turn my logo into embroidery?

The most accurate way to re-create your logo is to email us your logo's vector art or camera ready artwork. If you do not have a vector art file please email or call us to discuss other possibilities.


I don't have a business logo, can I get help creating one?

The first place that we would suggest starting is to look through our catalog of stock designs. If you see a design that you like but is not quite right we can edit the design to your purpose and add custom lettering to create your design. 

After looking at the stock designs you just can't find the what you are looking for email or phone us we can create a logo for you or we will help you find an artist that can create the artwork that can be digitized to create your embroidered logo.


What do you charge for your embroidery services?

Digitizing or editing services charges depend on the complexity of the logo/design that you want created. The price to sew out the logo / design is based on the number of stitches in the design. The charges are based per 1000 stitches. Stitch count will be a factor of the size of the design, font used and the type of fabric that the item will be sewn on. To get an estimate please complete our request a quote form.